Bashy My Nightmare Essay

All I recollect was raving after my set
Old school garage Masterstepz on the decks
The shubs was over banging gal was shacking dripping the sweat
Sipping the J2O the tugs-dem was sipping Moet
Man got outside the atmosphere got intense
(Lights are blinding my eyes)
Then from nothing to the east youts tell the Russians, starting dusting
Had to cut the jakes were coming
(People pushing by, their walking off into the light)

Then the whips we jumped in, bussing the huffing and puffing
Windows down and Papoose pumping
The beef it weren't a drugs thing
One bitch my boy was fucking must've shut him
So we punched her up, dem man there was a cousin
One tried to tell them something -so my dawgs just buxed him
Cah man was driving over fast
It was headlights from other cars, hit caberi around half past
(People pushing by, their walking off into the light)
Oi Chantelle, what's it saying in there?
Fucks sake, Chantelle when I find her, im gonna hot her up
She told me it was heavy in there, she's a bloody liar
Man got outside, and was handed a bunch of flyers
Over hungry went bush with the bagel biters
Man was so damn tired
My eyes were over red, all I could think about was bed
Who would've known soon I'd be dead
(People pushing by, their walking off into the light)
Yeah, Then I hit my yard, clothes on the floor
Jumped in bed, slept and dreamt
I was in studio with a few industry heads
Finished the sess, told man bless
Kissed the girls, said bye bye, slipping weapon-wise
See some youth I recognised, thought.. Hold up
How do I know that guy?
(Lights are blind in my eyes)
Got a flashback from the other night
Racking my brain thought fuck like
He must've just be one of them
(People pushing by, their walking off into the light)
Then he came back via
Nod his head, cut his eye
I thought look at this fool then he looking like coolio dude
Then I clicked, shit, he's part of that click, who man was moving who happened to just be in studio too
Thinking what should I do as the
(lights were blind in my eyes)
I need to get out of here, can hear them coming up the stairs
Wish I could disappear and be them
(people pushing by, their walking off into the light)
Error in connection, would my phone make a call? No
How many of them? I reckon bout 3 or 4 yo
First one came through, pumped him, make him feel a for so
I can run up slam it, use all my strength to keep the door closed
It's happening all slow as the
(Lights are blind in my eyes)
Everyone's scared, nobody's helping me though
Their shook with fear their just
(People pushing by, their walking off into the light)
They managed to burst through the door yo
So I'm scrapping it out trying my hardest not to hit the floor so
I got a better chance -But then I got bored oh
Twice in my leg, once in my head, twelve times in my torso
As they duss I thought no, the
(Lights are blind in my eyes)
Leaning against the wall, heavy breathing, can't see, but I can hear screaming
(People pushing by, their walking off into the light)
8 minutes later the ambulance come, I've lost a lot of blood
Call my mum, call my sis, call my pops, call my bruv, call my boys, call my cuz
Tell them what's up. Send mummy my love, Im losing my life
I think I'm gonna die. I can see the light
(Lights are blind in my eyes, people pushing by, their waling off into the light)

The Nightmare Essay

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Exhausted and beat, Kai grasps his face. The prominent slap that the girl he saved has left a mark. The battle that left one town saved and a hero in pain. His shoulder gashed deeply, a painful memory of the dragon’s last attack before being dismantled and left headless. Kai stands in distraught his right-hand holding his left shoulder and his left hand grasping his face. He watches as the girl he saved stampedes off with steam coming from her ears as her ass imprinted with a bloodied hand, the hand print that Kai had accidentally left. Kai stands within the beloved town just staring at his hand wondering if something was actually wrong. The silence is broken as his companions join him. Even before he can say anything Amber, the girl…show more content…

“See that was not my fault. Why would I slap him?” Kai replies. As the others go and tend to Lin, Kai sneaks out for a walk to try and clear his mind. As he walks around town, his left arm starts to feel strange. He begins to take the bandage off to look at the wound when he sees something very disturbing. The deep gash wound that was left by the dragon yesterday was shrinking right before his eyes. The wound was healing by itself and once fully healed no scar remained. He rolled his shoulder in a full circle and up and down to see there was no pain, his shoulder was fully healed as if the events that occurred yesterday had never happened.

As Kai heads back to the house, he wonders if he actually got stronger. He becomes filled with emotion because he believes he has developed a new healing technique. He wants to tell everyone about his new found power when a thought crosses his mind. “Why should I tell them? It’s not for them to know. They will only start to ask questions.” But then he starts to think about Amber. Every time Sai had gotten stronger or a new power, both Amber and Melody were always with him asking him how he did it. It was always Sai this…Sai that… it was never Kai. Kai tries to believe that his long time friend would never take away the girl he liked on purpose or would he? Just then he heard a raspy whisper saying “Amber is

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